Lowtide - New Music "Introducing"


I'm can't quite remember how Melbourne's Lowtide came on my radar, nevertheless I'm happy they did. Though I've labelled this post "Introducing" they've not a new band, with (according to their facebook), the band originally called Three Month Sunset as a solo act based around guitarist Gabriel Lewis, with the four-piece Lowtide later releasing an EP in 2010 and a 7" single last year, it is this single that forms my entry point.

Perhaps stereotypes dictate this but shoegaze isn't necessarily a genre I associate with Australia yet a few of the genres key traits are there to be heard on the wonderful "Underneath Tonight", layers of shimmering guitar textures swirl around driving bass rhythms with Giles Simon and Lucy Buckeridge's co-vocals undiluted throughout, sweet and soft, its dreamy and undeniably beautiful.

B-side, the down-tempo "Memory No. 7" is equally rewarding for different reasons, with its hazy, melancholic atmosphere and ethereal whispers, starting blissful and hypnotic, the track builds through circling guitar drenched in swathes of reverb, again the vocals harmonies remain crystal clear, a compelling release, it is available digitally via bandcamp or on vinyl here now.