Lucy Rose #4 - Lines (Video)


There isn't too much I can add to what I'm previously written about Lucy Rose, her beautiful voice is the sort that's effortlessly able to melt hearts with its soft beauty, in 'Lines', Lucy's upcoming single (her first with new label Columbia/Sony, released 23rd July) there is a marked progression from her early, tender acoustic demos with a full band sound, particular highlighted by bombastic guitar riffs and a gentle rhythm section groove, that's not to say Lucy has changed her style, "Lines" still retaining her most important identifiers, her angelic voice and intimate song-craft.

With a wealth of incredible singles behind Lucy already (the previously mentioned 'Middle of the Bed', 'Red Face' and 'Scar' to name but three) and her debut album 'Like I Used To' to follow on 24th September, the ever growing number of new admirers are sure to prove that all those 'insiders' / bloggers who tipped the sublime singer/songwriter for success for a while back now were surely right.

Lucy is on tour in the UK right now with a show at London's Heaven next Wednesday - tickets.