Obedient Wives Club - New Music "Introducing"


Obedient Wives Club are the first band from Signapore to find their way onto the blog, though, to be honest I don't think I could name a single other band from the country (sorry!), the five piece's sound is described on their bandcamp as 'spectorgaze' and I can go with that, for amongst bucketloads of fuzz and surf-pop guitar lines are syrupy, 60's girl-group vocal harmonies. Don't worry name aside, they've nothing in common with the Islamic organisation...

"That Boy" kicks off their six track, self-titled EP with distorted, reverb-drenched dreams much akin to that of early Best Coast (minus the weed and cat infactuations), sumptuous retro-pop with melodic beats and fuzzy guitars blasting through quick paced singles pop, background "oohs" add cherry blossom vocals, totally moreish, it demands repeat listens. Following much the same mould with perhaps even better results is highlight "This Is It", catchy, energetic and upbeat noise pop, with its sun-kissed melody "This is it" is a track that can't help but put a smile on your face.

The rawer "Fragments" sounds like it was recorded in their bedroom (it possible was, the amateur feel adds some of the appear), with little polish to speak of gorgeous harmonies and hollow beats slowly build before blistering guitars, through the wall of sound YinQi Lee's vocals deliver the best perfromance of the EP while "Dreams" (which takes its taken and chorus from the Everly Brothers classic "All I Have to Do Is Dream") is pure summers day pop, hazy and utterly gorgeous.

Sure it's nothing we've not all heard before but as I've said before, if you studied pretty much any band of the past twenty years there would be something that wasn't 'original'. Who really cares as long as the sound is sweet in your ears and Obedient Wives Club's debut EP is surely that.