Ormonde - New Music "Introducing"


Ormonde, another new find from across the pond have left me speechless with the first (and only) track I've heard from the duo to date, the stunning "Can't Imagine". Taken from their forthcoming debut album Machine (due August 7th via Hometapes) it is simply heavenly.

That brief description could probably suffice, along with the wise advice to listen to the track (download / stream free below) but it deserves more words, unfortunately I'm struggling to find the correct superlatives to describe it.. Mellow, mystical and wrapped in soft beauty, the track is the very definition of bliss. Gentle acoustic rhythms provide subtle textures with Anna-Lynne Williams whispered dreams soothing your eyes, the guitar equally worthy of mention, with lonesome twangs added haunting atmospheres, intimate and beauty so incredibly entwined. Sublime.