Parakeet #3 - Shonen Hearts

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A quick update today folks, I'm off to run a half marathon in an hour (it starts 100 yards from my house which kinda rules out any excuse I've got not to), so I'm up early and passing the time whilst I should still be in bed, ho hum. I've already broken some of the 'Bloggers Style Guide' there, oh well, I don't agree with much of it in all honesty.

This blog isn't a piece of fine journalism and I'm not interested in making a career writing about music. Making obvious, condescending points and criticising grammar (I haven't read many blogs who don't follow at least basic English language principles and I'd personally prefer a down to earth approach rather than a blog that uses twenty words stolen from a thesaurus) alongside some pieces about how to look professional isn't a guide in my opinion. I'll settle with what I do already, if you don't like it, I doubt you are reading this.

I'm not starting any fights, The Recommender is a fine blog who discoverers some great new artists and writes about them in exemplary fashion, I just find the post a bit pointless and I guess it irks me that blogs need to come across as professional, leave that for the pro's and career-maker's (who'll actually get, or be aiming to get, paid). Hobby blogging (like this) should be for the love of music and with a busy life and full time job, I'm pretty sure 95% of my posts are littered with errors.

Parakeet, now playing as a trio with Jon Jackson on guitar, have released their third track "Shonen Hearts" which like their opening track "Tomorrow" is rough and tumble, 90's leaning pop-grunge, with in your face distortion and hard-hitting drums, the swirling guitar melody makes this one perhaps more pop leaning and the surging, fast-paced whirlwind is certainly going to make you want to nod your head in appreciation. Something you'll be able to do that live now, with Parakeet already playing their opening gigs with a couple of support slots, they headline Madame Jo Jo's on July 24th supported by the wonderful Novella - one gig I'll certainly be hoping to get to.