Promise and the Monster - Red Tide

When Simon Raymonde (founder of Bella Union) names an album in a feature entitled 'Ten Records I Wish I'd Released' recently released by an artist you've never heard of common sense dictates you check it out, being a clever boy, that's exactly what I did and hence forth how I came across Promise and the Monster.

Primarily the work of Swedish Billie Lindahl, the album in question Red Tide is actually her second, (debut LP Transparent Knives came out back in 2007). I'm actually struggling to find it online here in the UK (I don't use Spotify, I don't believe its the way music should be 'sold' / listened to), with nothing in any record store where I'd normally look (I did find the whole Promise and the Monster discography available in the Swedish label Drella's store) but thanks to the magic of the Internet I've found a couple of damn-right spooky videos introducing a neo-gothic folk sound that reminds me of the folkier side of Chelsea Wolfe combined with the mood and mystery of Gazelle Twin.

"Sand", like all of the Promise and the Monster tracks I've heard so far is drenched in atmosphere, both light and dark, evocative and frail, Bille's ethereal vocal is absolutely captivating, her hushed, gothic whispers chill to the bone whilst haunting percussion sets this spine-tingling beauty alive with rich, elegant precession.

"Swim" is bolder, carried by a sweeping, ghostly rhythm (the instrumentation stands out throughout), the melody shifts from eereie echoes with breathy siren-calls to brave, soaring crescendos highlighting a big, mighty power stirring within whilst "Spine", fragile and desolate, is as far removed from that as can be, sparse and devastatingly beautiful, expect goosebumps, thanks for the tip Simon.