The Rayographs #2 - My Critical Mind

In what must go down as one of the most secretive releases of 2012 so far, Rayographs return from a period of silence (although 1/3 of the band, Astrud has been busy releasing a record and touring as Paper Dollhouse) to release a new 12" record next week, My Critical Mind will contain two original songs backed with two remixes, I'll concentrate on the originals...

"My Critical Mind", taken from Rayographs self-titled album released last year on French label Desire has been given an dark, dubby remaster which manages to add even more menace to the tense ambience of the song, howling guitars add circling, eerie riffs with hollow drums and half spoken vocals which remind me of early Pulp, like the stalkish paranoia of "Being Followed Home" from Freaks, an observational narrative that hisses uneasily around its disconcerting tone. 

There's only 90 second clip of new track "Lux Underhand" to go on but it sounds even more nightmarish, unsettling guitars looping around nonchalant vocal drones and cymbal heavy beats, I can't imagine the rest of the track will let the sunshine in so perhaps it's best to lock the front door before playing the tracks below.

If that sounds like your thing, and it should, you can order My Critical Mind now via Rough Trade