Savages #3 - Flying To Berlin


Hello again Savages, it's not been that long since I was talking about you ("Husbands" last week) but a few things have happened since, firstly the release of their debut digital single (Buy 'Husbands / Flying to Berlin' on iTunes) and secondly my third live viewing of the band at The Shacklewell Arms on Tuesday evening.

The live show in a sweltering London backroom venue signals why the buzz around the four piece is so intense, yet again, they are incredible. A nine song set met with nods of approvals from all those around, "Husbands" commands the attention early but it's new song "No Face" that is possibly my favourite. Savages live show is almost faultless, driven by uncompromising basslines and tom heavy ponding drums, with brutal guitar lines adding distortion and noise while Jehn's shrieking vocals command and possess their sound brims with repressed energy which explodes with a juddering climax on the searing "City's Full", it's hypnotic and terrifyingly beautiful. The audience leaves to more head nodding, more food to feed the Savages flame.

I like the way the band have decided to make themselves a 'live band' first and foremost, the focus on perfection and live atmosphere translates to their recorded output, while "Flying to Berlin" isn't as in your face and fierce as "Husbands" the ominous, repetitive bass groove is equally intoxicating and progressive, dark intensity from a clearly talented band that the music world has instantly taken a shine too, 2012 is already theirs.

Sure to be a collectors item the 7" of the 'Husbands / Flying to Berlin' single is now available to pre-order (for release on June 28th) from the band's Pop Noire label here.

If you can't wait to see them for yourselves, you are in luck, Savages support O Children at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen this Thursday, 7th June - tickets