Seapony #7 - What You Wanted

Back when the UK was basking in an early summers glow I was posted summery flavoured indie-pop on a daily basis, the return of rain and grey clouds stopped that for a while but after a long weekend of ignoring the dismal weather and trying to enjoy time away from the office what better than a new track from a band who define bright, blissful pop better than most, Seapony, who return with the lead single from their forthcoming second LP 'Falling' (due September 11th via Hardly Art).

The track "What You Wanted" is exactly that, a beautiful, care-free buzz surrounds a catchy guitar / keys melody, almost impossible not to like, the track stays pretty close to the Seapony formula thus far, dreamy, breezy and overwhelmingly delightful.

Their debut LP 'Go With Me' was one of my albums of the year last year and there is every indication that 'Falling' will follow suit, one album I'm definitely excited to hear.