SeaWitches - New Music "Introducing"


Next up for my ramblings are a new find from Liverpool, SeaWitches, but I can't claim a single-handed organic discovery here, they were recommended by one of my gig-going friends, a man with his pulse firmly on the radar for new bands. Though the trio appear to have been around for a while now I can't see find any gig history out of their native city with a couple of demo tracks uploaded on their facebook hinting at a trippy, dark psyche pop sound that should find them many a new friend over the forthcoming months...

"Another Clown Fight" is a fine introduction (and the only one of the two I can embed here), progressively flamboyant with swirling guitar twangs, unsettling bass lines and percussion, I can guarantee the twisted rhythm of the melody will get in your head as bewitching vocals sing haunting, sharp harmonies. "Red Light" (which you can listen to via facebook) sounds rawer as breezy guitar echoes with distorted harmonies, part 60's / 70's psychedelia.

I might not know too much about SeaWitches yet (my normal Google search turned up little) but they are certainly the latest in a long-line of brilliant new discoveries from Liverpool that I'm looking forward to hearing more from.