Slow Club #3 - Beginners (Video)


Hi Slow Club, I still love you I've just not posted about you recently, the only valid reasons are time and because I'm normally about two weeks slower than other blogs when it comes to 'news' so I'd rather spent my limited time highlighting lower profile acts and new music posts, but I can't resist this time around, I'm not quite sure how Slow Club managed it but that really is Daniel Radcliffe in the video for their lastest single "Beginners", taken from last years Paradise. 

Straight away it looks like things haven't gone to well for Harry Daniel after leaving Hogwarts, wearing a shirt you'd expect Toadfish from Neighbours to be wearing and looking rather depressed in a traditional pub (Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park), the one take video sees Radcliffe pull off an incredible, intense and sullen performance of a man down on his luck. 

Of course I don't really buy into tricks in music promoting, it's about the music for me and I can safely say that throughout my three year relationship with the Sheffield (originally) duo I'm yet to be dissapointed. "Beginners" is great, though perhaps not quite my favourite from the album (I'm a sucker for the Rebecca led ballads like "Never Look Back", "You, Earth or Ash" and "Gold Mountain"), managing to sound both melancholic and upbeat, stadium sized drum beats with echoey guitar riffs and signature heart-warming vocals. Slow Club could just about to be ready to explode.

If you've not got it already you can order Paradise on CD and now also on LP (released for Record Store Day earlier this year) from all good suppliers, non better than Norman Records.