Smoke Fairies #2 - She Sells Sanctuary

Smoke Fairies released their excellent second album Blood Speaks about a month ago now, I've previously blogged about lead track "The Three of Us", it turned out to be a fine introduction to the album which showcases a fuller, bluesy sound from the pair. Moving away from the sounds of olde England with darker, brooding soundscapes on the haunting title-track and "Hideaway" and the hazy beauty of "Awake" particularly excelling.

An exclusive CD available at Rough Trade gave reason to buy the album through them (also available on LP from the same shop), it's this release which leads to my ramblings. One of the tracks on the CD, a cover of The Cult's "She Sells Sanctuary" has been made available to stream and here I am hopefully sending a few listener's its way...

As far removed from the original as I can remember in a cover, Smoke Fairies make the melody and delivery their own. A metronomic, hollow drum beat is now the focus ahead of the originals traditional 80's stadium sized guitar and urgent vocals, Katherine and Jessica don't ever rush through their delivery, instead using their perfectly delivered voices to produce beautiful, interwoven harmonies with ambient effects and dramatic violins adding to a typically Smoke Fairies sound, ethereal and natural.