Snøskred - New Music "Introducing"


I'm finding time to dip into the ever-growing number of submissions to the blogs inbox increasingly sparse at the minute though one band that find their way onto the blog after landing in my mailbox though are new Norwegian five piece Snøskred.

A sound that is hard to define, I can't argue with the band themselves who describe it as "5 singers, equal parts dreampop, shoegaze and improvised noise - an engaging, eclectic and exuberant musical undertow", debut track “We Are” is certainly all of those things, raw and intense, exciting is probably the best word I can think of with fellow noise-mongerers Islet probably the nearest comparison that immediately pops into my head.

"We Are", as I've adhered to, is an experimental (maybe just mental) fusion of dense walls of noise and  layered soundscapes. The almost psychedelic melody starts with seemingly improvised guitar noise, pounding drums, synths and throbbing bass, the soaring brilliance doesn't let off for a second with the slightly muffled vocal harmonies similarly chaotic as the propulsive off-kilter rhythms continue exuding boundless euphoria. 

The single, release via Riot Factory (a new label to me but who seem to have a fantastic roster of artists that I've bookmarked to check out at a later time) is available on vinyl and also on iTunes now.