Souvenir Stand - New Music "Introducing"

Hello Friday, I'm very glad to see you, it's been a long, hard week. My weekend starts with this slice of gorgeous, care-free nostalgia from New Jersey's Stephanie Cupo, her brief bandcamp bio gives a more concise introduction than I could manage so here it is, 'a classical saxophonist gone indie pop 60s-inspired singer/songwriter', Stephanie, who records under name Souvenir Stand (with the help of some studio musicians) is here to brighten up your day.

To stop this post getting too long, I'll focus this post on her debut release, a three track EP 'Days I've Spent With You' which is available to download via Bandcamp for free (with a load more demo and cover tracks up on Souvenir Stand's soundcloud to stream and fall in love with). As I've already adhered to, Souvenir Stand is sugar and spice and all things nice, Stephanie's vocals bear an instant adorable charm, her soft and dreamy voice will send your heart all fluttery while the yesteryear melodies are effortlessly precise and pretty (I'm a sucker for fluttering keys it seems). The fit is perfect with the rose-tinted memories re-collected on the title track "Days I've Spent With You".

"All I Want To Know" and "We Will Have Our Day" similarly shine with timeless sweetness, understated instrumentation and pure, beautiful vocals. Though undeniably light and hardly ground-breaking (though really, what is), Souvenir Stand should be one of your summer hits, spread the word.