Summer Girlfriends - New Music "Introducing"


Sometimes when you've never heard of a band and you see their name you immediately decide in your head how they should sound, that happened to me with Chicago five piece Summer Girlfriends and, to no great surprise, my initial reaction was right...

Lead track "Shockwaves" introduces their sweet, lo fi, garage pop perfectly, oozing with syrupy harmonies and playful, summery melodies. Despite making me want to throw out the usual girl group nostalgic, catchy comments the girls manage to sound fresh and modern too, with seemingly random keys, jaunty bass and jumpy drum gallops "Shockwaves" rings with sunshiny fun and youthful optimism, making me wish I was drinking some of the cocktails in the press photos and not stuck inside looking at overcast skies but that's what you get when you live in England I guess.

The more thrashy "Bad Dreams" is pure fuzz pop, an tempo cut which races through its two minute duration with distorted guitars and with a chorus so infectious it should come with a health warning.

Summer Girlfriends have just released their self-titled debut album (released by Addenda Records) which can be ordered in the UK on CD/LP via Piccadilly Records.