The Sundowners - New Music "Introducing"


Liverpool quintet The Sundowners are here to bring back the good times* of the late 60's and early 70's (*disclaimer: so I've heard, I was born in 1982 and if I'm honest am quite happy in 2012), lack of beards aside you'd even be forgiven their press shots were pictures of an early Fleetwood Mac, their harmonically brilliant songcraft takes you to the same level of musicianship, strength and beauty too. Gorgeous, nostalgic melodies and sweetly honed voices make for bright, dreamy pop that is sure to bring joy and have you tapping your feet in appreciation.

They've got two equally brilliant tracks up on their soundcloud to give you an introduction to their sound, the upbeat "Gone Into The Sun" and the similarly vibrant "No Goin' Back", both tracks are drenched in the rich, syrupy dual vocals of Fiona Skelly (brother Alfie takes care of lead guitar) and Niamh Rowe, whose stunning harmonies seemingly effortlessly blend with sun-kissed guitar shimmers and punchy drum beat kicks, the girls' paired delivery has a natural charm to it and the bounce of the melody from the tight rhythm section can do nothing but raise moods.

Luscious and cool, The Sundowners are currently lining up their debut single and I can see it being a huge, huge success.