Tashaki Miyaki #3 - Demos


A late night post, I'm shattered so hopefully when I read this back in the morning it makes some sort of sense. For those of you who read my earlier post, I ran the half marathon and then had a late lunch in a local pub which meant I fell asleep on my return home and unfortunately abandoned my gig planning evening (Bethnal Green is about 75 minutes from my house so it's not just a pop along gig), which is a bit annoying but enough, or this will start turning into some sort of online journal!

Tashaki Miyaki have been a favourite of mine since I discovered their sweet, languid fuzz-pop last March, a wonderful EP followed with highlights "Get it Right" and the reappearing "Somethin' Is Better Than Nothin'" the perfect summation of the bands Best Coast meets slowed down shoegaze, a random play of the former led me to search for new material by the Californian duo and I'm delighted to say that not only did I find some but it's just as magnificent.

"Best Friend" takes the relaxed vibe almost to the next level, lacking almost as much urgency as I did on my run today, the track slow and melancholic gently sways along with honey-honed vocals bathed in hazy reverb, metronomic drum beats and jangle guitar riffs, it's tranquil pop candy and just gorgeous (apparently the track is 10 months old - no idea where I've been!).

Heading to bandcamp I discover to more, "City" is equally woozy and fuzzy, the guitar almost howls and creates a somwhat spookier, creepy ambience while I probably don't need to tell you their version of "If Not For You" is similarly lazy day perfection, a crawling guitar solo brightens the middle section and the harmonious "ah ah ah" in the chorus adds syrupy dreams. I'm certainly looking forward to the full-length, I suspect many others are too.

Tashaki Miyaki head to Europe with dates still being finalised so keep an eye out for them.