Two Trees - New Music "Introducing"


I've been rocking a lot on here lately, it's the summer bringing out the bright indie-popper in me. Two Trees are here to change appease the one way traffic of the past week. A folk duo from Stockholm, just two songs in so for but their gorgeous harmony-laden tracks immediately ticking my boxes, appealing to the acoustic side of me, the one who wants to go for a long walk through the countryside or relax in the park instead of getting involved in the hustle-bustle of work life and the never ending news feed of the Internet, Two Trees are simply perfect for that, soothing and beautiful from the get-go.

Their debut track "Your Woods" caused a mini-storm on soundcloud with hundreds of comments and thousands of plays since it was uploaded last month, it's not hard to see why after just a couple of listens, genteel and understated guitar plucks lay a soft foundation for pure, dual vocal harmonies, the very definition of the the word heart-warming, the richness of the vocals causing goosebumps wrapped around plaintive lyrics.

"Lay Me Down" follows the same radiant simplicity and purity, circling guitars and delightfully pretty vocals. Just two songs so far, but on the strength of them alone it's pretty safe to say this won't be the last you hear of Two Trees.