Agent Ribbons - Family Haircut


I'd not heard of Agent Ribbons until this track, "Family Haircut", the lead track from the Sacramento duos forthcoming EP Let Them Talk (a preview to what will become their third LP) came to my attention but given a Vice première and over five thousand 'fans' on facebook (the gauge of a bands success for sure!) I may be in the minority.

Numerous factors have made be a little swamped at the minute, so much as that I'm writing this post before heading out for yet more birthday celebrations (yes, today), so the updates here have been a little thin on the ground recently and this post isn't exactly my finest ever moment but "Family Haircut" is a great way to start your week, fluttering between dreamy psychedelia and garage stomp with harmonies aplenty and a strong melody-line give the track a spin below. I'll certainly be doing the same with the EP which is due September 11th.