Alice Jemima #7 - One a Day / Safe / Pain

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I've been over-working myself the past week, so much so that I've only just got around to listening to last weeks final two tracks on Alice Jemima's rather wonderful 'One a Day' series that start last week...

I've previously mentioned the first three tracks so I won't repeat myself again but Day four is probably my (new) favourite of the lot, "When You Dance" possesses all of those attributes I've talked about countless times already, wrapped in a charming, intimate atmosphere Alice's deceptively simple guitar led melodies and pretty as a flower vocals could melt the sternest of hearts.

The final day's track was met with 'technical gremlins' which meant soundcloud was used ahead of the live videos of the rest of the week, which is a shame because I'd be interested to see the live process in making "Oblivious", possibly the most ambitious track of Alice's so far, with laptop beats added to soft, glistening guitar twangs and layered backing vocals. I already know the dazzling effect of Alice's sweet, delicate tracks and it's good to see her experimenting.

For most people five new tracks in a week would be enough, but not Alice Jemima! Seemingly more prolific than 80's era Prince, a new track was released yesterday, a cover of London electronic act Strangers' track "Safe / Pain" and it's all kind of goosebumps too, taking a dramatic 80's leaning synth-pop epic and turning into something so painfully beautiful. Love.