Bat For Lashes #2 - Laura

So pretty much every blog under the sun has probably already covered the return of Bat For Lashes, but with good reason, Natasha Khan's controversial front cover to her upcoming third album The Haunted Man may have taken half of the headlines but they should really all be about the music too for the first preview from the album, "Laura", a piano-led ballad is truly, truly stunning.

I may have failed to connect fully with the Bat for Lashes live show at Latitude last week (I really don't like large main festival stages and outside ones either) but this intimate, breathtaking single really does cause goosebumps from the first listen. Around warm piano there's a beautifully poignant yet uplifting message to "Laura" which sees Natasha's vocals rising with the tracks progression and mood, from hushed, sparse beginnings to dramatic choruses, dripped in grandiose brass and strings. To repeat myself gorgeous. Gorgeous with a capital G.

You can catch Bat For Lashes on a UK tour in October which includes a stop at London's Kentish Town forum on the 29th. The Haunted Man is released a bit before that on the 15th and can be ordered with a limited edition print of the cover sleeve via recordstore.