Cassolette - New Music "Introducing"

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Cassolette are a self-described jangly indie pop band from Sarasota, Florida who produce the sort of bright, sweet mood-enhancing music that's as catchy as it is saturated in fuzz and breezy hooks. A perfect combination of US style surf-rock and more traditional UK indie-pop, their simple, instant formula is once I've fallen head over heels for.

Taken from their most recent release, the six track Blame The Weatherman EP "Annie" is the perfect introduction, full of natural charm, upbeat melodies and interlocking vocals, sugary girl group chords complement bouncy key lines, jangle guitars and snappy percussion, wonderfully infectious and sunkissed the equally impressive "Our Cars" just as worthy of my praise.

Fast paced, fun and brilliant, a cover of the Primitives "Crash" closes the EP in style, sticking pretty close to the original, its powerful, punchy pop choruses and great guitar hooks make you wish you were running around the playground all over again.

Stream the EP in full on bancamp and order now via French label Anorak Records