Chelsea Wolfe #8 - The Way We Used To

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Almost as sure as day, when Chelsea Wolfe releases a new track I meet its arrival with endless superlatives, when I last talked about Chelsea (the exceptional "Flatlands") I mentioned my excitement ahead of the release of her forthcoming acoustic album, now titled (Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs) and due for release on October 16th through Sargent House... 

Now consider that excitement quadrupled for Chelsea has shared a track from the album, the hauntingly beautiful "The Way We Used To", which retains the dark, ethereality of her earlier work, though through its bare, stripped back nature loses some of the dramatic bleakness and tension which shrouds the likes of "Moses" or "Demons". That isn't to say the track is light and sunshine, with little more than the gentle pitter-patter of toms, ghostly guitar lines and mournful hymn-like harmonies leading to Chelsea's hushed whispers "The Way We Used To" is undoubtedly full of thoughtful, eerie space and also undoubtedly beautiful.

So, including the live version of "Flatlines", the two indications we've been given so far make me think that this release is going to be something beyond special. Can't wait.