Chips for the Poor - Fistula

The first of two very belated blog posts, Chips For The Poor are a little different to my usual offerings on here, I fell for them when they opened up one of my Beautiful Strange nights last month (headlined by the act I'll focus on in the next post) where they instantly won me over with their live show, one of the most rhythmic, melodious half hours I've recently experienced. 

Two guitars, a bass and a drum machine loops provide the sometimes punkish, sometimes jangly backdrop for singer Scott's half shouted cries, seemingly possessed, bent forward he swings his microphone around, jumps into the crowd and has the audience hooked. His commanding stage presence is one that has to be seen to be believed and fully appreciated, Chips for the Poor are certainly one of those bands who thrive in the live arena...

The bands latest single "Fistula" came out back in May, Norman Records loved it so much it got five stars and single of the week (so why not buy the 7" via them or label Parlour Records). I'm not sure what else I can say about that track other than it's brilliant, completely unconventional and unlike anything else around today. Tropical chords soon make way for spiky rhythms bathed in distortion, skipping beats and chanted vocals, beyond infectious, listen to "Fistula" below and you'll soon find yourself  falling for the tracks killer hooks. 

Chips for the Poor performed a Marc Riley session on BBC Radio a while back, you've roughly 20 hours to listen to it yourself here.