Curxes #3 - Spectre


Curxes are back with their new mutation "Spectre", more dramatic and monstrous than anything the Brighton / Portsmouth duo have released before and so good that after the half dozen or so listens I've given the track thus far I think I can safely say it's their best track yet, from the chilled ghostly introduction to the throbbing bass / crazed synth beat and Roberta's demented vocals it grabs your attention and doesn't let go, not one iota, until it finishes and then makes you want to enter Curxes world all over again.

Somewhere between terrifying and nightmarish (and that's just the altered image that accompanies the release) Curxes have already been labelled "better than your favourite band" by TVPME and "like the sound of two lusty robots f*cking" by Breaking More Waves and who am I to disagree with them? Brutal, punishing and brilliant. Listen to Spectre below. 

A 7" is planned for August 10th - pre-order details via the bands website soon no doubt.