Erika Spring #2 - Hidden


I picked up on the solo work of Au Revior Simone's Erika Spring with her debut track, the overwhelmingly gorgeous "6 More Weeks" almost a year ago to the day now, fast forward to July 2012 and the ever brilliant Cascine have just released Erika's debut EP, the five track Hidden, equally intoxicating and enchanting, it charms from the very first listen.

"Happy at your Gate" is the perfect introduction, Erika's breathy vocal coos transcends beauty, silky soft and smooth her voice wraps you in a blanket of warmth and pure aural bliss whilst a airy veil of shimmering keys, punchy drum pad beats provide at atmospheric background. Title track "Hidden" is bolder, a jaunty synth driven track with sparkling textures and a melody that's rich and distinctive, a perfect combination that makes for an almost perfect dreamy pop song.

The 80's sounding "Like A Fire" would fit perfectly on the Drive soundtrack with its bubbling synth overtures, pitter-patter beats and alluring vocals, while "When Tomorrow Comes" doesn't disappoint, a simpler pop tune that allows Erika's vocals to gleam like an early mornings sunrise.

I've used this word already but this superb EP, instantly one of my favourites of the year, is the very definition of beauty. You can buy it on iTunes and 12" vinyl (via insound) now.