Freedom Fry - New Music "Introducing"

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Here's a post made in pure, wondrous optimism! As you read this I'll be at Latitude Festival where given the weather forecast the title of the latest track by the French / American duo Freedom Fry (Parisian Marie Seyrat and Los Angeles' Bruce Driscole), "Summer in the City" is likely to be the furthest thing from my mind. So as I'm probably spending my time walking around in mud and rain (though I do get to see an incredible line-up of acts so I'm not complaining too much) here is a distinctly, well, summery song to get you in the mood for your weekend and who knows, someone up there might just decide to cancel the rain and give us some sun. Yeah, right!

"Summery in the City" is as bright and breezy as they come, the accompanying video lays that out from the second it starts with a sign welcoming you to 'summer city', drum machine beats and shimmering guitars provide the upbeat surf melody for the duos soft, beautiful vocals to shine. Simple and effective the track can't help but deliver smiles all round.

Earlier track "Billy The Kid" from the self-confessed 'wild west themed' EP Outlaws (that kind of gives it away too) leads to a sounds you're probably expecting, distinctive guitar twangs and breathy, alluring dual vocals, totally different but equally rewarding. The rest of the EP similarly so. 

All tracks are available on the duos bandcamp for a nominal fee now.