IO ECHO - When The Lilies Die

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Sometimes you miss seeing bands for no reason other than fatigue / lazliness, one such instance for me was IO Echo, they played at a venue I'm still yet to go to (London's Birthdays) a week or so after The Great Escape alongside fellow new band (and keenly admired) PINS but after I'd seen the latter at TGE I decided to rest my weary bones at home instead of heading out to Dalston. I might have made the wrong decision, I'd not heard of IO Echo (aka Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross) then, their debut single "When The Lilies Die" came my way only recently (I'm aware it's a an updated version of a track that's been floating around for a while now) and I was instantly sold.

The video combines a real Eastern aesthetic with a headlong adrenalin rush of crunching drums, shoegaze guitar textures, oriental rhythms and gorgeous, silky smooth vocals, it's a wonderful slice of uplifting pop, just what I need as I quickly write a blog on my lunch break before returning to a pile of unwelcoming work and then home to box upon box of unpacking (I've moved house, hence the temporary slow-down here).

IO Echo's debut album Ministry of Love is due September 11th and is definitely one to keep an eye out for, especially if fellow early track "Shanghai Girls" is anything to go by..