Nature Set - New Music "Introducing"


Here's an incredibly belated post, I intended to cover this band, Sheffield based four piece Nature Set on their first EP, Enough is Enough (available on 7" via Elefant - order from Norman Records now) some time back though obviously I didn't. I'll blame the age-old lack of time syndrome, so consider this a make amends, taking time out of watching the Olympics (I've got into it a whole lot more than I anticipated, I'm not a fan of commercial nonsense and corporate greed but the excitement of competitive sport is more than enough draw for me) for a brief 'Introducing' post.

I'll give a brief mention to the title track from the debut EP as it serves a perfect intro to the band and is wonderful. With bouncing electric guitars, synths and playful vocals it's a sure fire indie-pop dance-floor filler, a perfect combination of retro harmonies and a fun, youthful energy of early Brit-pop.

Moving on, Nature Set have more recently released their second EP If I Crawl, You Crawl via Dufflecoat Records (just a handful of CD copies left here) and lead track "Avalanche" similarly follows suit, led by a wonderful analogue synth line and powerful bass its spirited melody is sure to have you nodding your head in approval while the superb "Hands" is pure candyfloss pop, a wonderfully bright and easy sound with gorgeous interplaying vocal harmonies and fuzzy, urgent guitars, perfection.

Enjoy Nature Set in your own time below, you won't regret it.