She Keeps Bees #6 - Counter Charm

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I've been away for four of five days which means I've got lots of new exciting news to write about as well as trying to tackle my increasing backlog of draft posts, starred messages and bands I've got in my head to write about, though jumping straight to the front of the queue are blog favourites She Keeps Bees who surprised me with news of a new 7" single release.

Last years Dig On was one of my favourite records of the year, raw emotion and power that hits you right in the gut, their live shows even better (as confirmed by excellent, packed out shows at The Lexington and Brixton Windmill) and I wrongly assumed Jess and Andy would be taking this year to rest, recuperate and record their next record. It seems they are already one step ahead of the game, with two tracks recorded as long as last October now being released on a new 45 entitled Counter Charm (a track which I'm sure I can remember from those aforementioned shows).

The lead track would feel equally at home on Dig On, around the signature, bare sounds of She Keeps Bees   (Jess's bluesy guitar riffs circle around Andy's Clattering drums) "Counter Charm" is a little part with menace most part delicious with Gaspar Claus's cello echoes causing murmurs while Jessica's vocals purr and enchant (see the wonderful live session version for further proof).

It's very doubtful "Blue Moon" made the release as an ode to Manchester City winning the title last season (especially given it's Halloween recording date) but the She Keeps Bees cover is a strong one, low vocals and a laid-back acoustic guitar start the track as far away from the pissed off, hard-hitting SKB of records, heavenly backing harmonies only enhancing the Sunday afternoon vibe

The band will be selling the recording on their upcoming tour dates, they play London's Cargo (urgh!) next Wednesday July 25th - tickets.