Stealing Sheep #5 - Shut Eye (Live Video)

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A quick post because I've already posted about this track (and the band on numerous occasions now) but I only discovered this incredible video today and it's too good not to share with you straight away on the chance you'd missed it too.

How do you make the fabulous "Shut Eye" by Stealing Sheep even better? Answer: Add a vast crowd of musicians bringing whatever instrument they may play, put them all in one garden space and let the Obscenic crew film it.

Even more off-kilter, hypnotic and well amazing than the original, watch below and be spellbound. It's incredible that such a large troupe of people can combine to make something that sounds so spectacular and rehearsed, amazing stomping rhythms and brass sections just two of the many highlights.

Stealing Sheep release their much awaited debut full-length "Into the Diamond Sun" next month with a Rough Trade instore planned for August 8th to celebrate.

OBSCENIC SESSIONS | Stealing Sheep | Shut Eye from OBSCENIC on Vimeo