Stealing Sheep #6 - Genevieve (Video)

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After my belated post on the wonderful Stealing Sheep over the weekend (with an incredible live version of previous single "Shut Eye"), I'm a little quicker on the up-take to new single "Genevieve", the second single from their forthcoming full length Into the Diamond Sun (released August 20th via Heavenly)...

If you're familiar with the trio already (as an increasing number of people seem to be - including a very belated Guardian New Band of the Day feature) you'll not be disappointed, "Genevieve" oozes with the same bewitching Wicker Man-esque atmospherics as much of their previous releases, a mish-mash of musical genres that combine to create haunting folkish tunes which hearty dashing of booming tom beats eerily discomfiting melodies and gorgeous vocal harmonies.

Medieval darkness combined with dreamy, ethereal beauty, something the girls seems capable of producing with effortless aplomb. "Genevieve" is gorgeous. No single pre-order links yet but you can pre-order the album and previous single through all good retailers.