WILSEN - New Music "Introducing"



Another thank you to my mailbox here, New York basedWILSEN (primarily the work of Tasmin Wilson) came to my attention through a concise email that landed in my overflowing inbox this past week, as soon as I clicked play (I do listen to every email I get even if I don't get time to reply to them all) on the soundcloud link I fell in love.

The only track on Wilsen's page so far, "Dusk", is deliciously sad and unbelievably gorgeous, with Tasmin's ethereal whispers the forefront of delicate, stripped back instrumentation where gently picked chord patterns and light brush strokes combine with the haunting, fragile vocals. Heartfelt and emotive "Dusk" is the perfect soundtrack to a relaxing, late night glass of whiskey (replace with wine / ale as you prefer!) whilst curled up on the sofa (presumably with your laptop or you won't be reading this!)...

The track is taken from WILSEN's debut full length Sirens due next week July 25th - immediately an album I can't wait to hear. Fall in love yourself below: