Young Romance - New Music "Introducing"


One of the main reasons why I still enjoy running a fan-based blog after a couple of years is that you're still capable of finding something new that makes you go "wow". Of course if I wasn't running a blog there is every chance I'd still find that (and actually have time to listen to more of the artists that I feature rather than searching for the next days/weeks/months posts) but it's a great reward for the hours I spend listening to music each and every day (although I've been slack this week having moved house and my inbox has tripled).

One such moment happened at the start of last week when I discovered London duo, Claire and Paolo, Young Romance, who came to my attention when they jumped in to take the place of the wonderful Joanna Gruesome at an Indietracks warm-up at Brixton Windmill last week - I couldn't go, I was hosting my own with Tender Trap, September Girls and Cosines (it was a wonderful evening) - but I listened to their track "Follow On Your Own" and got that tingling sensation that signals something like 'I've found one'.

"Follow On Your Own" is incredible, switching from big and bold choruses with strong drums and fuzzy guitar to pure, sweet pop verses at the flutter on an eyelid, it's instant and incredible. Obviously I hear a lot of voices and it's a bloggers right to have about half a million 'favourite' things but Claire's voice is absolutely stunning, possessing a devastating range and delivering power and emotion with seemingly effortless ease I don't think I could have asked for a better introduction to the band.

That track came from their self-titled EP (which you can download for free via Eardrums pop), a vinyl release is planned via the ever excellent Oddbox Records - I'll most likely update you on that when I can! 

I got similarly excited when I discovered earlier track "Swollen Hearts, Bitter Tongues" via soundcloud, a beautiful song that should cause many heart to go aflutter, simply gorgeous.

Anway, I'll have to end the superlatives there, it's almost one am and I'm due to go to Latitude Festival in a few hours, let Young Romance into your life, you won't regret it...