Young Unknowns - New Music "Introducing"

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Brooklyn four-piece Young Unknowns have only got one track to their name so far, the rather brilliant "Target Practice" (available to download free via bandcamp) but it's more than enough to have me (yet again) chomping at the bit... Google leads me to learn the band are led by Meredith Meyer who has two solo albums to her name whilst a quick youtube search uncovers a breathtakingly beautiful solo track a world apart from the bands introduction...

"Target Practice" is the lead track to Young Unknowns forthcoming debut EP You Are a Young Unknown, with an as yet unannounced release date sometime in the Autumn (I'm old fashioned English in so fact that I cannot grasp the use of the word 'fall' to describe a season, that's a season of the year not a television series! ;)) but through its driving beat, fuzzed-up riffs and crisp melody there's an undeniably polished track which carries not only a radio friendly sound but one that's catchy and irresistible. Here's hoping the EP follow suit.