Bec Sandridge - New Music "Introducing"


Now that the event that I promised not to mention again is over (just how bad was the closing ceremony?!) and the UK returns to normal I'll aim to up my slow posting average of the last month or so. My July was busy for various reasons, one of them though was hardly hard-work, I promoted four shows (under the Beautiful Strange banner), the last of which included three acts I've already included on thE blog Anna Lena, Isobel Anderson and Young Romance and one I'd been meaning to but never quite managed, consider this a long overdue make amends...

Bec Sandridge is an Australian singer-songwriter who has spent the last two summers in the UK (as well as some time in the US in 2012) playing a number of shows around the country, her last before heading back to her homeland this time around was my aforementioned line-up at The Gallery Café at the end of last month, her voice blew me away instantly, there stood Bec, a tall, lone figure behind a microphone armed with just a guitar seemingly too small and this beguiling, unique voice that draws silence from the audience and makes the hair and your arms stand on end.

Her latest EP Lyons and Bees highlights this immense talent, kicking off with the title track where circling backing echoes provide the backdrop for dominate drums to lead Bec's guitar and vocals, strong and commanding it's a fuller sound than her solo live show but one that equally impresses. The highlight of the EP though is undoubtedly the incredible "Over The Sea", awash with a gloriously bright melody, spacious instrumentation and strong, emotive lyrics while Bec's hauntingly beautiful vocals glisten like the sun on mornings dew, just overwhelmingly gorgeous.

Bec promises to return to the UK next summer, I already can't wait. You can get the Lyons and Bees EP on iTunes or at Bec's shows.