Embers #2 - Tunnel Vision/Sins Unknown


Manchester's Embers exploded around a bubble of blog hype towards the back end of 2011, three deeply ambitious demo tracks showcased a dark, larger than life approach to cinematic rock wrapped in colossal beats and fiery guitars, Embers seemed like the band to bring in the new apocalypse. Perhaps then it's a little surprising that aside from a couple of spring live shows the four piece have been anonymous in 2012 until today, presumably getting themselves together before (literally) unleashing their music.

It's brave then that their limited edition double A side debut single Tunnel Vision/Sins Unknown is a self-release job with no label money behind it, the 100 7" will fly off the shelf just the same I predict. If you want one you can get it here (released 24th September), act quickly.

We've heard "Tunnel Visions" before as a demo, now with some studio production behind it the single's cover of skyscrapers become a perfect summation, an anxiety fuelled wall of sound with screeching guitars and a fury of beats. If you thought that was big, just wait until you hear "Sins Unknown", similarly dark and dense, pummelling toms and shattering cymbals provide the opening power-surge, then avalanche after avalanche of rushing distortion and crescendos whilst the strong vocals cause indescribable euphoria.

Overblown sure, amazing, definitely. It's been worth the wait.