Fabulous Diamonds - Lothario


I fell for the undeniably mystical charms of Melbourne duo Fabulous Diamonds (aka Jarrod Zlatic & Nisa Venerosa) a couple of years ago with their second LP Fabulous Diamonds II after a five star review from the wonderful Norman Records, an innovative record which excelled at brining hypnotic, spacious tracks that as well as being challenging in length were undisputed masterpieces of wierdo psychedelia/pop.

So, after that, I'm not quite sure how I'm one month late to this, the release of the lead track for their third album Commercial Music, blame what can only be called Manic July. There's actually a change in stance from the duo here too, "Lothario" sees the first time an song (and album for that matter) has been named by Fabulous Diamonds. Perhaps it's all part of a ploy to bring their music to a larger audience by breaking down the barriers of an unnamed track. Everywhere else though, the track picks off exactly where the previous record left it, with long, sprawling melodies that are immerse, complicated and unique.

It's difficult to pick a genre for the band, clattering rhythms, drum patterns and analogue synths are all there, as are drones and Eastern influences both in the music and the chant-like backing vocals. What is certain is that "Lothario" is six and a half minutes of incredible textured music, the deep, repeated drum beats give the track a dark menace ahead of the floating melody and moody vocals. Enducing all sorts of bizzare imagery and trance like intensity. In summary, the lead track to Commercial Music isn't quite as commercial as the title leads you to believe but for those not put off by challenging arrangements and elongated tracks that go on far too long for radio airplay, there are many treasures to be found.

Commercial Music came out last week via Chapter Music in Australia, now to wait for it to arrive in the UK.