Founds #2 - Caves

The rinse-repeat nature of predominately new music blogging means that is surprisingly easy to completley forget about bands that I've previously posted, being perfectly honest, Founds are one such instance. I posted about their debut track "Holograms" as long ago as last July with typically exictable prose:

"Glistening, chiming guitar soundscapes are prominent throughout, meandering melodies and gorgeous ethereal vocals that are more reminiscent of Scandinavian singers than Australian are a signature of "Holograms". As the song progresses the driving percussion becomes increasingly urgent and the aahing harmonies more luscious as it reaches a wonderful climax."

A year on, a few re-listens later and I can't disagree with that statement but yet the Brisbane based sextet still managed to slip from my mind completely with the EP earlier planned never arriving. My excuse is simple, there are so many incredible bands around today it's hard to check in on every last one, especially those with only one track to their name (at that time). Founds though, don't have just the one track now, with the release of their debut album Hadean to follow on 7th September (through Rare Finds) its second single "Caves" is all kinds of goosebump inducing cinematic pop, the opening passage of hushed vocals are ethereal and beautiful enough to cause icebergs to melt as cascades of lusicous instrumentations wrap themselves around as the track builds to a crescendo of driving, kaleidoscopic wondrousness. Grandiose and superb, the raw energy that pumps through "Caves" is a guarantee that Founds won't be slipping from my conciousness anytime soon, here's looking forward to a listen of that album...