Golden Fable #2 - Sugarloaf

Golden Fable have recently announced their debut full length Star Map, scheduled for release September 10th it will be available through a variety of options, perhaps most impressively a ndeluxe version (available to order straight from the band via bandcamp) which comes with an exclusive download of acoustic versions of material from the ten track LP as well as some exclusive content and a poster etc...

That extra packaging is a nice addition of course but the thing you'll get the most use of is the CD, the enchanting "Always Golden" I've already mentioned but their latest single "Sugarloaf" deserves equal praise, celestial and luminescent, cascades of lusicous instrumentation swoon around your heartstings providing a soaring backdrop for Rebecca's sumptuos vocals, heavenly.

Another track to make a re-appearance is the bands debut "The Chill Pt 2" where skittling synth beats and ethereal tones combine in what is already the signature combination for this rather lovely duo.

The album is launced with a show in Wrexham on September 8th with the band set to support Field Music in October.