HighasaKite - New Music "Introducing"


Norway might not be doing quite so well as us at the Olympics (I promise that's possibly the last time I mention them) but there is no denying the Scandinavian country have made quite an impact with this blog on the new music front. With Like Spinning, Anna Lena, All We Are, Snøskred and probably a few others all previously featuring here, the latest discovery from the country for me are Oslo trio HighasaKite with the lead track from their debut EP (released August 20th) "Indian Summer".

"Indian Summer" hits you straight away with booming percussion and dramatic synths building the basis of the soaring synth-pop anthem, though that said, there is the overwhelming sense of space here, with sparse, echoey melodies making you feel like your running through the Norwegian wilderness as the bold, empassionate vocals of Ingrid Helene's knock you out, her incredible voice will no doubt draw comparisons to Lykke Li, strong and unforced, as crescendo after crescendo the breathetaking tracks comes to its conclusion.

I've also included a wonderful live video from what I take is Norway's equivalent of GMTV which showcases that sense of space equally, slowed down the track becomes a beautiful, haunting lullaby and the other track "Everything Sank In You" equally impresses, if you're after moody, dark, minimalist icy pop then HighasaKite are the band for you.

The Indian Summer EP is released via Riot Factory on August 20th.