My Tiger My Timing - The Gold Rush

Surely the most apt title of a track I could post about right now. Something Team GB have come more and more accustomed to in the last 48 hours, "The Gold Rush" is the latest single by London based five piece My Tiger My Timing's debut album Celeste.

Released prior to the Olympics (with perhaps more than a little foresight, or great coincidence) the track is sure to improve your mood even further, I challange anyone but the hardest miserablists not to find something satisfaction with both the Team GB athlete's performances at London 2012 and "The Gold Rush", with its layers of tropical guitars and surf rhythms it's a pure crowd pleaser, upbeat grooves and gorgeous vocals, a potent combination as the nation rides (literally) on the crest of a wave (sorry, poor pun).

Listen below, alongside earlier preview "Wasteland" which similarly infectious with jittering riffs, fervour and atmosphere is another winner (late night writing certainly appears to bring out the cheese in me).

Anyway, I'm off to watch more medals get won, come on Jess Ennis!