New Myths - New Music "Introducing"

I'm not sure where this discovery came from so sorry to any potential blog I found this on.

New York trio New Myths released their debut self-titled EP back in March (via bandcamp on a pay-what-you-like basis) and it's well worth a belated discovery, lead track the spellbinding "False God" is arguably the strongest of the three tracks, full of dynamite hooks and knock out vocals, buzzing lead guitar fuzz mix with euphoric bass and pounding drums to make a pacy, tight and a real killer start to the EP.

"It Burns Through Your Armor" draws from 80's new wave as well as modern pop sensibilities with its gorgeous breathy vocals and dramatic beats while "Like A Ghost" similarly excels with dominating drums leading to haunting harmonies and twinkling guitars. New Myths is a shiny, glossy EP that serves as an excellent introduction from a trio who are well worth keeping an eye on.