Rachel Sermanni #6 - Waltz


Rachel Sermanni has had me spellbound for quite a while now, from a solo show in a dark, beer-sodden first floor venue in Brighton to London's St Pancras station at rush hour and the idyllic setting of the grandiose Union Chapel, I've seen Rachel perform in a variety of locations over the past eighteen months but I've always left with the same feeling, that of blissful happiness after spending my time in the presence of Rachel's soft, soothing accented tones.

Her captivating presence and exceptional song craft, in my humble opinion of course, make her stand out above the crowd of current singer/songwriters, after a couple of EP's and a single I'm excited to finally hear Rachel's debut full-length Under Mountains, which will soon be with us (released September 17th and available to pre-order with an exclusive signed print direct from Rachel's store here).

The album's latest single is a track which I remember well from my first encounter with Rachel, "Waltz", a song which later found it's way on her Bothy Sessions EP, now with a slightly reworked acoustic melody that slowly introduces a full band to accompany Rachel's guitar and the addition of a male co-vocalist (sorry I don't know who) it remains just as exquisite and intoxicating in its beauty, fall in love with the track and Ms Sermanni for yourself below.