SNEAKPEEK #3 - Another Girl To You

As a blog writer you often find that you immediately take some bands straight to your heart, one such instance occurred with me last year with California's SNEAKPEEK, I discovered them not long after they teased us with some incredible demos on their soundcloud page last summer and almost a year later I'm really happy that the release day for their debut LP is finally here (self-titled, self released and available for just $5 on bandcamp now), it's a cracker too...

I've previously mentioned the psych-rock beast "Walk All Over Me", "Western Sky's" distorted, scuzzy guitar riff and the hazy, reverb-drenched "Through The Looking Glass", and now, as their debut drops the band have shared a video to one of the albums highlights (there are many), the nostalgia fuelled daydreams of the break-up ballad "Another Girl To You".

The video produced by Igigi Studios and directed by Sur Realismo is the perfect accompaniment too, a gorgeous natural setting bringing to life the woozy walk in the park ambience of the slow-burning melody, Dora Hiller's sweet vocals combine blissfully with nonchalant bass and lazy drum patterns, a beautiful blend of noise-pop and psychedelic sweet, let Sneakpeek into your life, you won't regret it.