SoftSpot #6 - Disciple Fix / Album News

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Some very welcome news by one of my Stateside favourite acts SoftSpot who've this week annouced their debut album Enso, to be released on September 4th with the immediate release of its lead track "Disciple Fix", if like me you've followed the Brooklyn based trio (primarily the work of Sarah Kinlaw and Bryan Keller, with Blaze Bateh taking over from Andrew Spaulding on drums) for a while now the news of their official debut LP is one that brings a bucket-load of excitement...

Over the past eighteen months or so SoftSpot have developed themselves to be in my opinion of the most creative, explosive acts around with a series of wonderful dramatic and beautiful tracks, "The Cleansing Hour", "Holy Father" and "Slack Tide" to name just three. (You can listen to / read about all of those tracks with a click through the blogs archive here).

"Disciple Fix" doesn't disappoint as an introduction to the new album either, building brilliantly (as so many of their tracks tend to) with a fusion of fast paced tropical rhythms and eastern influences blending with Sarah's ethereal vocals, as sensual and gorgeous as ever and then comes SoftSpot's trademark gear change where the track blossoms excitingly with driving beats and kaleidoscopic circling guitars which race to a conclusion that will have you champing at the bit for more. Consider me excited for Enso after this extraordinary aperitif.

You can download "Disciple Fix" and SoftSpot's previous EP Nous from bandcamp now.