Tamaryn - I'm Gone

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My labels tell me I've never covered Tamaryn, I'm surprised as her debut LP The Waves was utterly fabulous, part soothing, sun-kissed pop a la the heavenly "Love Fade" with hazy washes of shimmering soundscapes and darker, foggy atmospheres, throughout the dream-like ethereality of Tamaryn's vocals intoxicating you beyond meaningless words.

 I've read endless comparisons to the likes of Beach House, Cocteau Twins and The Cure, I find it hard to disagree too much though I'm always wary of the need to pointlessly pigeonhole, the sound of Tamaryn is one to fall in love with because of the sound they make, not anybody else...

The point of the post though was not a trip through history and meaningless comments, now based in California, Tamaryn returns this week with new track "I'm Gone", the debut track shared from her forthcoming second album Tender New Signs due October 16th via Mexican Summer and it instantly blows your mind with its shoegaze guitar textures blending effortlessly with Tamaryn's siren-like whispers, simply gorgeous. No more words, listen below.