Tender Trap - Step One


I'm lucky enough to have had a preview copy of the forthcoming Tender Trap for a few months now, entitled Ten Songs About Girls it hits the shops in September (the 10th via Fortuna Pop! to be precise) with the single "Step One" released first on Monday, August 20th.

Soaked in playful, call and response harmonies and a rocking guitar melody "Step One" is a manual for wannabe girl bands with "find like minded girls", "write a great chorus - never mind the verse", "get a pink guitar" and "choose a striking name" amongst the many bits of advice given in the song, however full much in jest the track may be written I'm sure some bands wouldn't do far wrong by listening to the advice of Amelia Fletcher...

I'm not here to talk about unreleased album tracks and brag about my pre-release promo but the LP's driving opener "Train From Kings Cross Station" and the twinkling "Leaving Christmas Day" are indie pop classics in the making, with previous preview "Love is Hard Enough" equally rewarding. The signatures of the album throughout the full, dynamic sound of the bright instrumentation and the three way vocal harmonies, here the bitter-sweet lead of Amelia's combine with the girl group doo-wop's and repeated choruses to glorious effect.

Tender Trap play London's Buffalo Bar for the ever impressive odd box records on Friday, September 28 - details.