The Hall of Mirrors present… Psychedelic Sunday

I'm currently in Dorset on a mini holiday / End of the Road festival break so this is the last post until my return on Monday and it is a little break from my usual 'here is a band, check them out' style posting too because it features several acts I've already featured and a recommendation of a gig to go and see them.

An all day event takes place next Sunday, September 9th (from 4pm) at The Lexington (which I think everyone in London agrees is just about the best small venue in town) and comes with an incredible line up of acts with tickets available at a silly price of just £3 in advance (£5 on the door) - get them quick from wegottickets - this event real deserves a good turn out, reasons below...

Hosted and headlined by The Hall of Mirrors, a band I've been familiar with for a while but never quite got round to posting, possibly because one of the blogs nearest to this, the wonderful Breaking More Waves always covers them better than I ever could. Their retro, sun-kissed psychedelic pop is overwhelmingly gorgeous, nostalgic melodies and sweetly honed voices make for bright, harmonically brilliant pop that's going to cap off a truly wonderful day.

Before them though there are plenty of acts I've covered before and have had playing at my Beautiful Strange nights too, We Walk on Ice, a wonderful two piece led by Ida Jacobsson's compelling ethereal vocals and cinematic guitars backed by Lincoln's impressive powerhouse drumming (to be seen live), a band who create a sound that belie's their small number. Seawitches head down to London and I'll be seeing them for the first time, I can't wait to see how their twisted, trippy rhythms translate to the live arena.

Also playing are Carousels whose wall of sound shoegaze soundscapes I've been following for a while now, luscious boy/girl harmonies driving drums and swirling, layered guitars. A potent combination. From a similar aesthetic are the incredible Dark Bells, who literally blew me away at The Old Queen's Head back in May, led by Sydney natives (but London residents) Ash and Teneil the trio produce a whirlwind of epic sized dark-pysch noise that is going to bring them an army of fans once their nearly finalised EP is released.

Of the bands I've not covered or heard before I'm instantly enamoured to the 60's inspired good times vibe of The Hypnotic Eye, single "Marianne" is fast, energetic and full of power pop attitude, quite wonderful.

All that for £3.00. You'd be mad not to clear your diaries! Tickets from