The Hundredth Anniversary - New Music "Introducing"

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Brighton's The Hundredth Anniversary formed as recently as January this year but already have a split tape to their name, with another release scheduled (as yet unheard, unnamed) for October 1st via Tiny Lights, so for now as my introduction to the band, I'll revisit the older release, it serves as a beautiful introduction nevertheless.

Released via Reeks of Effort at the end of June the Gut tape sees two tracks by the band alongside tracks by GUM and Tyrannosaurus Dead (who actually share the same vocalist), who also happen to be two bands currently sitting in my (ever expanding) draft folder waiting to be written about - it's well worth getting for just £1 (d/l) via bandcamp.

"Caroline" is just gorgeous, weaving soft, fuzzy guitar lines around pitter-pattering drums and Eleanor Rudge's warm, seductive vocals the contemplative tone drenches the track in a hazy melancholia but its the rich and luscious melody that will stay with you long after the tracks duration, while on "Ice Cream" a strong, repeated key line dominates, ringing out strident and optimistic amongst chiming guitars, the blossoming track reveals a real sense of quirky charm and strong, confident song-writing ability.

Armed with just these two tracks it's perhaps a little early for proclamations of 'the best new alternative band' but The Hundredth Anniversary have certainly made a bold statement of intent. Bring on that new release.